Your money or your life

Ask yourself these question:

  • Do you really have enough money savings?
  • Do you have all the things you need in your daily life?
  • Do you have money for your expenditure in your daily routine?
  • Do you have peace in your home due to money?
  • Are you enjoying your life?
  • Is your family happy with you?

If your answer is no, it means you don’t have the exact balance between your money and your family. The balance of your money and your family is the most important balance in your life. In my life experience, I have seen many people especially males, are not satisfied with their jobs or with their family.

I remember in my society, there was a family in which four members were living. Husband, wife and their two children. Generally, the lady came to me and always with complaints of her husband, that he is not fulfilling my dreams and my kid’s desires.

And I said, he is working in good MNC company, what is wrong with him? She said, ‘I don’t know where all the savings have gone. ‘She was very upset.

And after some days, I saw there was an empty home in the morning and there was no person in their home. When I asked the man standing near to me, he said they divorced with each other.

My expression was numb after listening to this. Because I know the problem about money in their family. This is not the only family which is facing this type of crisis. I have seen many.

Problem is nothing, there is only a management problem. I am writing this for telling you people some tips on your money or your life.

It’s not about the earning, saving and spending the money, it also includes the time for your family. Your money is a reflected in the sense of your satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Money is the main connection with your family, your community, and your social circle.

What money can do?

Your relationship with every person changes with the money. You will reach a new level of comfort and competence with money in your life. Money provides the freedom to think for yourself. Because with the great freedom, you can easily access in your life and you enjoy all the moments in your life. Money makes you unburden in yourself.

  1. The relationship with your mates, your family and with your friends improves with money.
  2. Money resolves many inner conflicts between values and your life.
  3. If you are increasing your savings, you will be able live a happily life.
  4. Money gives you the opportunity to learn new skills in your study and in your work.
  5. Money gives respect in the society.
  6. Your dignity is maintained in your life with money, but if you earn money in good way.
  7. Money makes you mentally and physically strong.
  8. No emotional crisis you will face in your life, if you have strong relation with your family with money.
  9. Money makes you not to depend anybody in your life.
  10. Life become easy with the money in your family.

Money is Everything but where’s the problem?

Simple answer is your management. There is a lot of money in your family but there is no happiness, it means there is a lack of management. You can overcome by this problem, creating a map of with your financial independance thinking.

Do you have Financial independant Thinking?

The old notion of financial independence is being rich forever is not achievable now a days. In order to gain financial independant thinking you should become financial intelligent that you must know that how much you have earned and how much you have spend.

This is not enough, you should also know that what money really is and what you are doing really with your money. By knowing this, you will definitely become financial intelligent.

Financial integrity

The true impact of your learning and spending, both on your family and life is financial integrity. The peak of fulfillment and what is enough money and material goods to keep, is the basic rule of financial integrity. Financial integrity is very important to maintain good money health in your family.

How to manage your Money and your Family

We are sacrificing our lives for our family. But it’s happening so we barely notice.
We all want the comforts and luxuries in our life, but for all these things we are sacrificing our true life for it.

Are not we killing ourselves- our health, our family, our relationship and our sense of joy for our job? Only for money?

And I don’t want that anyone in their life face the problem between the your money or your family. For this management I have made some few steps for understanding.

No shame, no Blame

You should make peace with your past. Don’t think what happened in your past, what you have earned and what you have lost. By doing so, you will stop regretting about money.

If you lost money in your past and you are feeling sad, guilt, shame and anger, leave that. Make a new balance sheet for your money and make sure that it should be suitable for your family.

Always being in the Present

You are not living in the past anymore. So, always think about present where you are living right now. The life is very precious and we should enjoy it to the fullest in present. Money is something we choose our life trade for and keep track on every cent that comes into and out in your life in present.

Arithmetic in your Life

Don’t worry it’s not about the maths, it about the exact budget in your life.Every month you should create a table of all the expenses with categories and balance your monthly income.

The table tabulation will give you the exact pattern of your expenditure and that will increase your saving and with savings your family will be happy.

Are you Honest?

Your answer should be yes! Because this question will clarify your earning with your family. Asking yourself always, month in and month out that are you honest with family and your earning?

This will help you to keep your mind stable. And awakens the natural sense of knowing that enough is enough.

Making your Life Energy visible

The real learning, and the real fun, comes as you plot the figures month by month, year by year. Your wall chart will take the two-dimensional world of your monthly tabulation and add the dynamic dimension of time.

It reminds us that transforming our relationship with money takes time and patience. Impatience, denial and greed are actually part of what is being transformed.

Valuing your Life energy

You are not here for making money and dead. You should value your life with your family, with friends and with yourself. You must always value your life energy that you are using for making money. If you value yourself, your work will value you.

Managing your Finances

Create a large Wall Chart plotting your total monthly income and total monthly expenses from your monthly tabulation. Put it where you will see it every day.

Always manage your monthly income and always decide it with your life partner. By doing so, the relationship of you with your family also create a strong bond.

My Concluding Words are!

Always think before spend!

Deduct from your weekly income the costs of getting to and from work.

The cost of the clothes you buy to wear at work, the extra cost of at-work meals, the amount spent to relax and wind down after the stress of a work day, job-related illness and all other expenses associated with maintaining you on the job.

Don’t shop unnecessarily. Take care of what you have. Always respect your values, your integrity and your family. Because you to spend whole life with them.

Give a clear picture of how powerful you are at bringing money in your life.


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